Aspire Learning Academy provides on campus Singapore Math® consulting to teachers and schools in Canada. We help to ensure each educational facility is providing a consistent mathematics program, using uniform and effective teaching methods to deliver the curriculum.

The new BC curriculum requires a shift in student focus and expectations, and in teaching practices. Effective teachers must no longer focus on procedural understanding and past teaching methods. Instead, they must deepen their understanding of mathematics and make connections across all grades. We understand the difficulties of this transition and the help schools need to operate at a level of success on this new curriculum platform.

We help to alleviate teachers’ mathematical content knowledge gaps, by providing the following:

  • Clear curriculum and teaching strategies
  • Key mathematical ideas, tools, resources, and knowledge
  • Step-by-step lesson plans, follow up analysis, and annual support for schools
  • High-quality staff and administrative development in the Singapore Math® methods

We customize our training workshops to meet the specific needs of your school or district. Whether you’d like one day of school training, or a contracted year long program, we’re sure to make a powerful impact on your educational institution.


The new BC curriculum in Mathematics demands a shift in both learning math and teaching the subject. These updated standards challenge teachers to deepen their understanding of the subject.

Teachers must now abandon past teaching methods, and their focus should no longer be on procedural understanding. Changes to the curriculum have also resulted in making most textbooks in-use today obsolete.

In order to effectively teach the subject, teachers must carefully structure their math content. Our professional development seminars help teachers by providing the following:

  • Step-by-step lesson planning and demonstrations
  • Teacher guides, supplemental material, and additional resources
  • Hands on assistance with transitioning from memorization-based teaching to a more conceptual, problem-solving approach

We guarantee the teachers trained by us will be able to teach with strategies for any concept or lesson. We help them build their students’ confidence in problem solving, while also increasing their own confidence in teaching.

Kindergarten to sixth grade teachers will experience workshops aligned with the Singapore Math® practices. These topics include, though aren’t limited to: concrete-pictorial-abstract, metacognition, teaching to mastery, balanced progression, model-drawings, and use of manipulatives.

Singapore Math


Three sessions of training:

Session 1:  Singapore Math Curriculum Implementation Introduction – Grades 1-5

Session 2:  Horizontal Strategies and Introduction to Bar Modelling  – Grades 1-4

Session 3: Bar Modelling and Bridging to Other Math Programs – Grades 4-5 



Each Session is $200 per attendee or $500 for all three sessions.

Please contact for group rates