Homeschool Support

You don’t have to do it all by yourself!

Aspire Learning Academy provides many benefits to parents who turn to us for Homeschool Support:

  • We Provide a Unique Approach or Explanation to the Homeschool Curriculum
  • We Expose our Students to Proven Supplemental Learning Enhancement Materials
  • We Delivery and Oversee the Content Parents are not Comfortable Tackling
  • We Ensure our Students Stay on the Path to Academic Success

Aspire’s Homeschool Support program is always tailored to your family’s unique needs.  We have mastered the art of crafting educational learning plans that directly complement what you are teaching at home.

Homeschool Support Program Details

If you are a busy mom or dad looking for homeschool help, take heart.  Aspire Learning Academy is here to help you supplement your student’s learning, nurture your student’s talents and share the weight of providing high-quality education.  We offer full support to families homeschooling their children outside of the traditional BC Education System.  We provide comprehensive assistance for all core academic subjects of Math, English, Science, Socials and Languages.  In many cases, tutoring has a place to support students being homeschooled at any time.  Parents often seek assistance from Aspire in designing and implementing an appropriate curriculum.  Whether you are looking to provide advanced instruction in a specific field of interest or simply want to expose your student to different teaching methods to expand his or her ability to integrate new concepts, Aspire can help you achieve your unique homeschooling goals.  We work to make homeschooling as easy and accessible as possible.

How to Get Started

You do not want to start your child off on a curriculum and then discover that you choose the wrong path.  Aspire is a critical resource for homeschool families.  In most cases, we start with our Initial Comprehensive Academic Assessment.  This provides insight and answers that may have been on your mind, such as:

  • Is my Student on Track and Heading Down a Path of Proven Success?
  • Does my Student Require Extra Attention, Support and Practice in a Particular Subject?
  • Am I doing Everything I Can to Ensure my Student Experiences the Greatest Benefits of Homeschooling?

Interested in adding Aspire to your student’s Educational Team?

Step into Homeschool Success.  Reach out to our centre today to talk about your options.