Private Tutoring

Our individualized, private tutoring program can accommodate students of all learning levels for all subjects.

Aspire Learning Academy tutors can provide the following:

  • Teaching methods that complement individual learning styles
  • Assistance in achieving better test scores, improving study skills, and increasing self-confidence
  • A range of class times at several locations

Whether your child needs support learning, or is looking for an extra academic challenge outside of the classroom curriculum, Aspire Learning Academy offers a superb educational experience for all students.

How to Get Started

Prior to foundational math or English private lessons, we conduct a comprehensive formative assessment. This mandatory session helps determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses and allows us to develop an individualized education plan. Next, we discuss our assessment with parents and take any additional learning objectives into account.  Private homework assistance does not require an academic assessment.

*Certified Singapore Math® instructors available upon request

**Orton-Gillingham instructors available upon request 

*** Native French Speaking instructors available upon request 

Homework Policy

We offer 3 levels of homework at Aspire Learning Academy.  You will be asked to indicate which level of homework you wish your child to receive on your parent intake form.  If at any time you wish to change your level, please contact the front office.  We will make sure to make the adjustments and proper arrangements with your child’s teacher.

(1) No Homework

(2) Moderate Homework (15-30 minutes assigned each session)

(3) Substantial Homework (45 minutes to 1 hour assigned each session).

If your student receives homework from us, we expect them to arrive at their next session with their homework completed.  If you find that your child does not have time to regularly finish their homework assignments, please make a formal request with the front office to lower their homework level.  At Aspire, we believe that homework should be an independent activity.  Our teachers have been formally trained to make sure all assignments are at a level to which the student can confidently complete their homework independently with ease.  No student should ever struggle with a homework assignment.