Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function (EF) Coaching assists individuals to help develop self-regulation and skills in organizing, planning, and prioritizing to gain success at school, work, and in daily life.

Our EF Coaches support families and students to gain awareness of personal strengths and challenges with executive function and develop skills and strategies that are customized to your specific needs.


1:1 Executive Function Coaching 6-Session Package
In-person or on Zoom
The one-to-one Executive Function Coaching package includes:
One-to-one Executive Function Coaching includes:

  • Full Assessment of EF strengths and challenges
  • Assessment of Student learning profile
  • Identification of priority goals and objectives
  • Develop Self-awareness and regulate emotions
  • Inhibit distractions and focus attention
  • Application of strategies and templates for developing active listening skills
  • Student-centered collaborative approach with real world application
  • Recommendations for future success

Length: 50 min sessions
Cost: $900/6 sessions

$175/ per individual session (K-12)
$200 + GST/individual session (Adult)