Math Group Lessons

Aspire Learning Academy offers three streams of math support through group lessons:

  • The Core Math Program
  • Private School Preparation
  • The Homework Centre Program

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Core Math

Following our Singapore Math® curriculum, students in our Core Math Group will build a strong foundation of numeracy concepts to help them excel in their school classroom. Two of the primary goals of Singapore Math® are to teach students to mastery and to teach students flexible thinking. In our Core Math Group, as with all of our lessons, our specially trained teachers keep these two goals at the forefront of their lessons, ensuring that students attain mastery of concepts and that students are equipped with a diverse toolkit so that they may approach new problems flexibly.
We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and we customize lesson plans for each individual student, even within group settings. Our certified Singapore Math® curriculum reflects the flexibility we aim to teach students in that we are able to accommodate various types of learners, each working at their own pace, in the same classroom.
  • Children ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 7 will benefit greatly from this program
  • Enrolling in the early school years will help to build a solid foundation in mathematical
  • This program covers all aspects of the BC Curriculum over the course of the academic year
  • Core Math sessions run for 1.5 hours every week on a termly basis.

Private School Preparation

Help your child stand out during private school assessments with this preparatory math class!
One factor the admissions teams consider is academic performance.
In this course, your child will work through our curriculum covering topics like addition and subtraction without regrouping, addition and subtraction with regrouping, length and weight, shapes, and ordinal numbers, just to name a few. In addition, your learner will also develop skills such as subitizing, number fluency, bar modelling, and pattern recognition, among others.
With our private school preparation course, your child will improve his or her math skills in a supportive environment that will also assist with socialization and classroom etiquette.
  • We recommend this course for children in Grades JK-1
  • The program can function as an extra support mechanism, or as an additional challenge
  • Private School Preparation sessions run for 1 hour every week on a termly basis

The Homework Centre Program

The Homework Centre program offers a supportive environment. Students receive individualized assistance across the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and the program operates in a small group setting.

Students should bring their school textbooks and math/science homework to these sessions.

Our skilled and knowledgeable teachers provide:

  • Clarification and practice with mathematical and scientific concepts taught in school
  • Focus on improving study skills
  • Tips on developing good independent learning habits

Session are one hour and run every week of the school term.