What is Singapore Math®?

Aspire Math Academy is the only Certified Singapore Math® Learning Centre in all of British Columbia.

The Singapore Math® curriculum is the teaching approach and content adopted by the Singaporean government several decades ago. This method focuses on students truly learning math concepts, rather than parroting math methods. This curriculum consistently propels Singapore to the top rank in international mathematical tests, far outstripping the United States and Canada.

Unlike the traditional approach to teaching math (one strategy per concept), The Singapore Math® method provides a variety of problem-solving strategies. This means a student who struggles with one method to problem solve has a variety of tools to achieve success.

In line with the aims of the new BC Curriculum, gone are the days of spiral teaching and short term retention to pass tests. Students are now expected to understand material on a deeper level. The Singapore Math® philosophy allows more time and practice to ensure that students truly grasp each concept before moving on.