Private School Entrance Coaching & Preparation

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Private School Entrance Coaching( JK – Grade 9)

We offer examination preparation and interview coaching for the competitive process into private schools across schools in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Our staff has extensive knowledge of the private school system in British Columbia. We will customize the entrance coaching to the individual school and work with the school admission teams. We have a great track record of facilitating students’ successful entry into their private school choice. Aspire will also assist parents in the application process.

We will carefully analyze a child’s use of language skills, comfort level, self-confidence, understanding of test directions and tasks, visual motor skills, work traits, and motivation, as well as the overall impression formed when meeting the child.

Interview Preparation

Interviews are an important part of private school entrance and often require specific preparation to acquire the skills to perform well on interviews. Our interview preparation sessions are  4 sessions with an expert interview coach, providing your child with techniques, tips, and confidence for their interviews. 

These sessions will also include one mock interview session, which replicate interview situations and are conducted by the interview coach.

Our interview preparation sessions are available for ages 8 to 18.
Each session

  • One hour long
  • Delivered by one of our interview coaches with experience in school preparation requirements.
  • Focus on interview techniques, speaking skills, soft skills and engaging communication
  • Build confidence in each student

4 sessions of 1 hour each: $800 plus GST

Academic Coaching

Math Programming-
This preparatory math class will help your child stand out during private school assessments! In this course, your child will work through key mathematical topics relevant according to their grade level and according to the specific provincial curriculum standards.

Aspire will perform a general assessment to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each student and personalize their learning path to improve or advance math skills in all areas tested on standardized testing.

With our private school preparation course, your child will improve his or her math skills in a supportive and challenging environment.

English Programming-

Help your child stand out during private school assessments with this English preparatory class. We will help prepare your learner for the English portion of the private school academic assessment process. The goal of this class is for your learner to gain mastery of all English concepts at the standardized test level. Aspire will focus on the writing process to allow students success at the school entry writing exam.

As with all of our private and group classes, this course allows your child to flourish in a supportive and challenging environment.

Math and English Customized Assessment and Exam Preparation Course:

24 hours – $3000 + GST

Private Custom Exam Preparation

  • Elementary Level SSAT for Grades 3-4 (applying for admission to Grades 4-5)
  • Upper Level SSAT for Grades 8-12 (applying for admission to Grades 9-12)
  • CAT Exam Preparation (Preparation for the CAT4/CAT5 Grades 1-12)

Assessment and Customized Exam Preparation Course:

12 hours – $1500 + GST


Private School Entrance Coaching, Application Review and Parent Interview Skills

In addition to private school application coaching and editing, we also offer private school interview preparation for parents. In these custom coaching sessions, parents will receive guidance on what private schools look for in applicants, how to stand out, how to prepare, and how best to frame your responses to commonly asked questions. This service is offered for both parents and guardians of student applicants.

This service includes a personal, one-on-one meeting with a member of our educational team. Here, our coach will learn more about you and your applicant, and discuss which private school(s) would best fit your family’s needs. Our coach will also provide guidance and assistance with how to approach writing your applications.

Aspire also includes editing sessions where our coaches will review your completed application, prior to submission, and provide editing feedback and further guidance.

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