English Group Lessons

Aspire Learning Academy offers three streams of English support through group lessons:

  • Reading & Writing Programming
  • Essay Writing Programming
  • Novel Study Programming

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Core English

Our Core English program focuses on building a strong foundation in English literacy, including verbal expression, reading, spelling, and writing skills. During each session, students will practice a balance of phonetic awareness, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Our in-house materials are specially crafted to comply with B.C. standards for reading and writing skills, as well as cater to a diverse range of needs and interest levels.

  • Children ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 7 will benefit greatly from this program
  • Enrolling early in the school year will help to build a solid foundation in English
  • Accommodation for children with additional learning and literacy needs
  • Core English sessions run for 1.5 hours every week on a termly basis

Essay Writing Program

This focused class is all about building essential essay writing skills in preparation for the challenges of high school and beyond! Students will refine their research abilities, hone their sentence structure and argumentation, practice proofreading, and explore strategies for building excellent expositional projects across various topics and classroom settings.

  • Students ranging from grades 7–12 will benefit most from this program
  • Students will complete a short essay assignment from start to finish each weekly session
  • Specialized instructors will teach a variety of research, writing, and proofreading strategies
  • Essay Writing sessions are 3 hours in length

Novel Study

Our Novel Study Program is designed to help students discover literary elements and discuss a novel in a small group setting. These weekly sessions will help students develop their skills with reading comprehension, critical thinking, and textual analysis—all while exploring new vocabulary, genres, characters, and literary worlds. Young learners will also practice time management and teamwork as they complete daily reading assignments and collaborate with their fellow lovers of literature!

  • Students ranging from grades 3 to 7 will benefit most from this program
  • This program can function as an extra support mechanism, or as an additional challenge
  • Novel Study sessions run for 1.5 hours every week on a termly basis