English Group Lessons

Aspire Learning Academy offers three streams of English support through group lessons:

  • The Core English Program
  • The Novel Study Program
  • The Homework Centre Program

Not sure if English Group Lessons will be a good fit for you child? Come try a free lesson!

Core English

The Core English program builds a strong foundation in English language skills, including verbal expression as well as reading and writing skills. During each session students will work on developing their phonetic awareness, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, and knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Each student will work through materials suited to their attainment level, with the assistance of a specially trained teacher.

  • Children ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 7 will benefit greatly from this program
  • Enrolling in the early school years will help to build a solid foundation in english
  • We are able to accommodate children with additional learning needs
  • Core English sessions run for 1.5 hours every week on a termly basis

The Homework Centre Program

The Homework Centre program offers a supportive environment. Students receive individualized assistance across all foundational educational concepts.  We specialize in assisting students with the core academic subjects and the program operates in a small group setting.

Students should bring their school textbooks and math, science and english homework to these sessions.

Our skilled and knowledgeable teachers provide:

  • Clarification and practice with english concepts taught in school
  • Focus on improving study skills
  • Tips on developing good independent learning habits

Session are one hour and run every week of the school term.

Novel Study

We will help students thoroughly acquaint themselves with their prescribed school novels in a small group setting. We will read ahead or revise prescribed literature, exploring literary themes, techniques and meaning.  We can accommodate specific requests from groups of up to 4 students; your child and school friends/classmates can benefit from this program together.

  • We recommend this course for children in Grades 4-6
  • The program can function as an extra support mechanism, or as an additional challenge
  • Novel Study sessions run for 1 hour every week on a termly basis