Welcome to Aspire Math Academy, we take pride in providing confidence and excellence in each and every student.

Private Tutoring

Support your child’s learning by adding a tutor to their team.

We believe in supporting the learning differences in each student. Aspire Math Academy makes it a priority to instill confidence and excitement about Math in our students by the use of Singapore Math® manipulatives and strategies.We offer flexibility and convenience, and we reinforce your child’s education by remediation or acceleration of the general classroom curriculum. Let our teachers become a partner in your child’s education.

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Group Lessons

As parents, we all want to see our children excel in school. As one of Vancouvers Top Math Learning Center’s, our goal is to help as many children as possible reach their full potential in math. We are aware of the challenges that math can pose to young learners. Aspire Math Academy has made it our mission to break down math in ways that students find easy to understand, which increases students’ self-confidence in the classroom.

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Homework Center

We provide a hassle-free homework support system for your child. We facilitate a productive learning environment, keeping students on task We facilitate a productive learning environment keeping your student on task through homework assistance and guidance. Students are expected to work quietly on their coursework during these sessions. We are happy to alleviate the stress homework causes at home by answering questions and providing the additional support your child needs.

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School work

Our blog offers tips and information compiled by our teachers and staff members to help you guide your child on their educational journey.

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