The new BC curriculum in Mathematics, demands a pedagogical shift for learning mathematics and also teaching the subject. The root of student success begins with teacher effectiveness. These standards challenge teachers to deepen their understanding of mathematics. It is impossible to teach the new standards through traditional spiral progression of mathematics. Also, these curriculum changes resulted in making most of the current in- use text books obsolete, providing no useful substance to the students. Specifically, these text books do not meet new BC curriculum alignment, they are unfocused and lack depth. These changes require teachers to abandon past teaching methods. Teaching focus should no longer be procedural understanding.

Our professional development seminars help teachers through step by step lesson planning, manipulative demonstrations, teacher guides, supplemental material, as well as additional resources and connections. Student success relies on the teacher’s choice of content sequencing. In order for a teacher to create mathematically proficient students, they must carefully structure their Math content. We are an invaluable asset to teachers in this regard. Teachers leave our seminars feeling organized, confident and ready to help their students reach their maximum potential. We provide a hands on experience to help teachers move from memorization- based teaching to a more conceptual, problem-solving approach. We guarantee the teacher’s trained by us will be able to teach with manipulatives for any concept. We help teachers build their student’s confidence in problem solving, while at the same time increasing teacher confidence.

Kindergarten to 6 th grade teachers will experience, workshops aligned with the Singapore Math Pedagogy. These topics include but are not limited to concrete-pictorial- abstract, metacognition, metal Math, teaching to mastery, balanced progression, model- drawings and use of manipulatives. These key concepts instilled in each teacher we work with help to ensure the students achieve a deep level of understanding.


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