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Aspire Math Academy provides on campus Singapore Math® consulting to teachers and schools in Canada. We help to ensure each educational facility is providing a consistent mathematics program while utilizing uniform and effective teaching methods when delivering the curriculum.

We understand that the new BC curriculum requires a shift in not only student focus and expectations, but as well as a shift in teaching pedagogy. Effective teachers must no longer focus on procedural understanding and past teaching methods. Instead, they must deepen their understanding of mathematics and make conceptual connections across all grades. We understand the difficulties of this transition and the help schools need to operate at a level of success on this new curriculum platform.

Aspire Math Academy focuses on providing high- quality staff and administrative development in the Singapore Math® pedagogy. All of our training workshops are customized to meet the specific needs of your school or district. Specifically, we help schools adopt or use Singapore Math® programs, as well as develop on teacher’s content knowledge.

We are experienced with and trained in Primary Mathematics. We provide elementary specialists to assist with any and all areas of concern within your school.

We help to alleviate teachers’ mathematical content knowledge gaps, by providing them with clear curriculum sequencing, rich professional development, key mathematical ideas, manipulatives, resources, and knowledge to meet and even succeed curriculum standards. We facilitate step by step lesson plans upon request, follow up analysis and annual support for schools.

Our series of comprehensive and intensive school seminars will place your teachers into the mathematically content- rich environment of Singapore Math®. Our goal is to train teachers in the Singapore Math® Pedagogy in the context of BC curriculum standards. Aspire Math Academy helps schools develop a program that allows their students to experience math in a meaningful way. We ensure that all teachers are able to allow students the benefit of understanding mathematical concepts before learning the procedure.

Our consulting is customized with each particular school in mind. Whether you want one day of school training, or a contracted year long training program, we are sure to make a powerful impact on your educational institution. Aspire Math Academy is able to create a customized approach best suited for your school, while assisting in the full implementation of the Singapore Math® curriculum. We provide all necessary strategies needed to create and maintain a successful program for your school.

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