Front loading

Front Loading

Front Loading

Front-loading increase student’s critical thinking and focus. By allowing your child to preview the content before it is taught in their general math classroom, you are setting them up for success. Front-loading a lesson is perhaps one of the best ways to improve student comprehension. Our front-loading program uses a minimum of two specific strategies to front-load our student’s curriculum. The first is to connect to prior knowledge and form connections, the other to pre-teach the essential concept of their upcoming math lesson. The effect of front-loading mathematical lessons is astounding, you will see leaps in your child’s mathematical comprehension improvement. In order for your child to experience the amazing benefits of front-loading, you must commit to the program. We work closely with your student’s general math classrooms text book, and specialize in sequencing the content in a manner that is most beneficial to your student. By building this strategy into your child’s education, they will reap benefits in comprehension and expand their learning for critical thinking activities, ultimately leading them to functioning as strong mathematical problem solvers. Contact us to learn more about our Custom Math Program.

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Our Teachers

All of our teachers hold qualifications from top universities. All of our teachers have extensive experience working with children. All of our teachers are individually interviewed and thoroughly vetted before we engage their services. All of our teachers are expected to participate in ongoing professional development. We are dedicated to providing the best services to our students and their families.


We are Part of the Community

Every community and its schools have a special focus. We make it our job to know what the expectations are at those schools and what our students need to meet success. We make an extra effort to hire teachers who themselves have attended schools in this community. After all, we are Vancouvers top math learning centres.


An Advocate for Your Student

Our care and concern for your child doesn’t end at the end of your session. Our teachers will advocate for your child’s educational needs, communicating with your child’s school teachers, schools and districts to ensure that your child is getting the most out of their education.

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