Math Group Lessons

Group Lessons

We offer three streams of math group lesson: Core Math, Custom Math and Homework Help.

Core Math

Core Math follows the Singapore Math® curriculum. The aim of the Core program is to establish a solid foundation of numeracy on which your child will be able to confidently build when new or different topics are covered in class at school.
Children in Kindergarten to Grade 8 will benefit greatly from this program, as either a means to consolidate and revise math knowledge or to push ahead in their understanding of and flexibility with number. Following this program from the early school years ensures that children form solid mathematical foundations for their entire school career.
Over the course of the academic year this program will complement the content of the BC Curriculum, although topics will not necessarily be covered ‘in sync’ with material being covered in your child’s school.
1.5-hour sessions run every week on a termly basis; the maximum class ratio is 4 students per teacher.

Custom Math

Custom Math covers the same curriculum content as the Core Math program but combines this with the flexibility to target topics that are currently being covered in school. For optimum benefit, we recommend this course for children in Grades 3-8.
The Custom Math program can function as either an extra support mechanism or as a means of enrichment and additional challenge.
1.5-hour sessions run every week on a termly basis; the maximum class size is 4 students per teacher.

Homework Help

The Homework Help program offers a supportive environment in which students are provided with individualized assistance across the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in a small group setting. Students are encouraged to bring in their math and science homework and school textbooks; our skilled and knowledgeable teachers will provide clarification and additional practice with mathematical and scientific concepts and methods that are being covered at school.
This program will also focus on improving study skills and developing good independent learning habits, to set students up for success in their studies even beyond Grade 12.
Each session lasts 1.5 hours and runs every week of the school term.

Homework Policy

Both the Core Math and Custom Math programs provide a small amount of weekly homework if requested by parents. Homework is set at an appropriate level for the student and is assessed by the group’s teacher.
We also offer additional assessed homework and work in lieu of lessons, for example work to be completed at home during the breaks between terms.

All group lessons take place at our Marine Drive or Haywood Avenue learning centre.

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Why choose us?


Our Teachers

All of our teachers hold qualifications from top universities.  All of our teachers have extensive experience working with children. All of our teachers are individually interviewed and thoroughly vetted before we engage their services. All of our teachers are expected to participate in ongoing professional development. We are dedicated to providing the best services to our students and their families.


We are Part of the Community

Every community and its schools have a special focus. We make it our job to know what the expectations are at those schools and what our students need to meet success. We make an extra effort to hire teachers who themselves have attended schools in this community. After all, we are (the? Vancouver?) North Shore’s top math learning centres.


An Advocate for your Student

Our care and concern for your child doesn’t end at the end of your session. Our teachers will advocate for your child’s educational needs, communicating with your child’s school teachers, schools and districts to ensure that your child is getting the most out of their education.

Term 2- 2018 Math Group Lessons Schedule for our Marine Drive Learning Centre Location

Marine Drive Learning Centre Location:

200-1497 Marine Drive

West Vancouver, BC

V7T 1B8

Term 1- 2017 Math Group Lessons Schedule for our Marine Drive Learning Centre Location

Marine Drive Learning Centre Location:

200-1497 Marine Drive

West Vancouver, BC

V7T 1B8

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  • Maximum of 6 students per instructor
  • Group Lessons are available for Grades 1-7
  • Each Math Class is a 1 hour lesson
  • Each Math Class is grouped by grade
  • Group lessons will boost confidence and Math literacy
  • Group lessons provide extra practice to obtain mastery
  • All Math lessons are prepared in accordance with the BC Math Curriculum

Registration is facilitated by Hollyburn Country Club and opens to members, December 1st at 8:00am.

Winter 2018 Math Group Lessons Schedule for our Hollyburn Country Club Learning Centre Location

Hollyburn Country Club Learning Centre Location:

950 Cross Creek Road

West Vancouver, BC

V7S 2S5

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