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The purpose of Homework Centre Program is to provide help with assignments and homework to the students who need it. By providing your child with a dedicated homework space available to complete their assignments, you are giving them a support system helping to ensure their success. Our Homework Centre Program relies on highly qualified instructors to help monitor your child and provide assistance when necessary. At Aspire Math Academy, we recognize the valuable of homework and how it is pertinent to a student’s retention and success. Homework should not be a time of frustration and anger, which is why we provide the environment and support your child needs to complete their assignments. Students will also receive help with study skills and organizational skills. Help your child to develop excellent homework habits at Aspire Math Academy’s Homework Centre Program.

  • Homework Centre Program is Available for Grades 1-7
  • This Program is Available for all Subjects
  • Homework Centre Helps to Keep Students on Task
  • This Program Provides a Silent and Group Study Space
  • This Program will DEFINITELY Ease Homework Frustration
  • Highly Experienced and Qualified Teachers Available for Assistance

Winter 2018 Hollyburn Homework Centre Schedule

January 18th – March 15th


4:45pm-5:45pm Grades 1-3

6:00pm-7:00pm Grades 4-7

Fall 2017 Hollyburn Homework Centre Schedule

September 14th – December 14th


4:45pm-5:45pm Grades K-3

6:00pm-7:00pm Grades 4-7

For more information regarding our Homework Centre please call (604) 902-2217 or email info@aspiremathacademy.com

*You must be a member of Hollyburn Country Club to register.

** You must register through Hollyburn Country Club beginning December 1, 2017 @ 8am.

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Why choose us?


Our Teachers

All of our teachers have advanced degrees from top universities. All of our teachers have years of tutoring experience. All of our teachers are individually interviewed and vetted before they are extended an offer. We do this because of our dedication to giving the best services to our students and their families.


We are Apart of the Community

Every community and its schools have a special focus. We make it our job to know what is expected at those schools and what our students need. We make an extra effort to hire tutors who themselves have attended the schools in this community. After all, we are North Shore’s Top Math Learning Centers.


An Advocate for your Student

Our care and concern for your student doesn’t end at the end of your session. Our teachers are more than teachers: we’re advocates for your student. Our teachers integrate themselves into our students’ educations beyond the tutoring world. In addition, they often communicate with your student’s teachers, schools, and districts to ensure your child is getting the most of their education.

Let’s start building your future with us.