Aspire Math Academy

Aspire Math Academy is an educational learning center and consulting firm specializing in the development of exceptional teaching programs and practices using the Singapore Math Principles. We provide support to students and teachers in the Singapore Math Program and strive to instill superior curriculum and training advancement.

Our Math Academy Methodology is closely aligned with the Singapore Math Pedagogy, focusing on curriculum delivery in a concrete to pictorial to abstract sequencing. We build confidence in our students by progressing through clear curriculum sequences in each lesson.

At Aspire Math Academy, we specialize in providing our students with flexible mathematical thinking and reasoning needed in order to master curriculum concepts.Our goal is to instill confidence and excellence in children, leading to their future success.

Our Teachers

Aspire Math Academy accredits its overwhelming success to our quality of teacher educators on staff.  We set the bar high when it comes to our hiring criteria, ensuring that each teacher has a strong passion for teaching and a love of their subject.  An integral part of our hiring process is making sure that each teacher is punctual, accessible, accountable and dedicated. Our teachers are all qualified experts in the field of their study or current/post masters and PHD graduates.  Aspire Math Academy believes that not only do our tutors need to be highly qualified professionals, but also experts at connecting with your student. We believe that achieving school success starts with a solid educational foundation, in how the knowledge is delivered which is why we choose each teacher carefully.  Aspire Math Academy is also a training facility for the Singapore Math curriculum and we currently train new teachers to teach the curriculum with our training methodology.

Why choose us?


Our Teachers

All of our teachers have advanced degrees from top universities. All of our teachers have years of tutoring experience. All of our teachers are individually interviewed and vetted before they are extended an offer. We do this because of our dedication to giving the best services to our students and their families.


We are Apart of the Community

Every community and its schools have a special focus. We make it our job to know what is expected at those schools and what our students need. We make an extra effort to hire tutors who themselves have attended the schools in this community. After all, we are North Shore’s Top Math Learning Centers


An Advocate for your Student

Our care and concern for your student doesn’t end at the end of your session. Our teachers are more than teachers: we’re advocates for your student. Our teachers integrate themselves into our students’ educations beyond the tutoring world. In addition, they often communicate with your student’s teachers, schools, and districts to ensure your child is getting the most of their education.

Let’s start building your future with us.